The UK foundries web site is more than just a common point of contact for those businesses connected to the foundry industry in the UK along with it's customers and suppliers. We showcase the UK foundries and provide them with a unique marketing opportunity directed at customers worldwide. The UK's foundries produce castings of the highest quality manufactured by dedicated workforces using modern techniques. The purpose and direction of the UK foundries web site is adequately covered in our Mission Statement below.
mission statement
"To provide a common point of contact for all UK foundries leading to the exchange of information for the common benefit of all member foundries. To market the UK foundries globally via the World Wide Web and by other means leading to a growth in the market share enjoyed by this sector of UK manufacturing industry. To showcase each member foundry and provide them with the opportunity to market their products and services through enhanced full membership with photographs,  photographic panoramas and links to their existing web sites.
"To provide a means whereby existing and potential customers can peruse the products and services provided by the UK foundries and to facilitate an easy means whereby customers can contact a foundry, or group of foundries, with a specific query or request. This is achieved by providing intuative, interactive searching mechanisms allowing customers to pin-point suitable foundries with ease and to forward their queries or requests to the foundries at any time of the day or night. Customers are able to pass drawing files directly to one or more foundries thus providing an easy means of obtaining multiple quotes for supply and manufacture of castings or other services.
"To provide advertising opportunities allowing foundries, suppliers and customers to further highlight their products and services to the global market, achieved by providing advertising space on every section throughout the web site."
The UK foundries web site is funded solely by member subscriptions and advertising.   Copyright © 2000-2019 D.Kerr & Co
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