Associate membership of the UK foundries web site is free of charge to all UK based foundries. Every UK based foundry is registered here and has automatically been allocated associate membership status.
Foundries may choose to become full members and benefit from additional services for a small fee.
Please see our downloads/utilities section to download a full membership application form and survey form.
The benefits associated with each membership type are detailed below :-
associate membership Associate membership status
  • Searchable database entry (simple search engine)
  • Inclusion on the interactive location map
  • Foundry resume
  • Email address published (not linked to enquiry system)
  • Free access to the sales/wants members area (view only)
  • The commercial benefits of being listed on the UK foundries web site
  • Free of charge to all UK based foundries
full membership Full membership status
  • All the benefits of associate membership listed above
  • Link to email enquiry system
  • Link to own foundry web page (if available)
  • Link to detailed street map of foundry location
  • Logo graphic
  • Free access to members areas (news forum and sales/wants)
  • Searchable technical database entry (advanced search engine)
  • Extended foundry information on individual foundry web page
  • Web page includes detailed additional information
  • Web page includes up to six additional photographs
  • 5 per month (payable annually in advance)
  • 45 setup fee - one off payment (Now waived)
Enhanced Entry
  • Interactive  photographic panorama of your foundry
A photographic panorama can be provided at an additional cost of 250. This will require a site visit incuring expenses which will be charged at cost. The photographic panorama consists of a series of photographic images stitched together to make one interactive panorama allowing web site visitors to zoom in & out and to rotate about a central axis as if they were actually inside your foundry. Try clicking and dragging the image to the right. Additional panoramic viewpoints, including interactive site plans, can be integrated at additional cost. Contact us directly if you would like to order your photographic panorama.
Please add VAT at the current rate to all the above costs.
Your membership status may be upgraded at any time allowing you to benefit from the full range of services which the UK foundries web site provides. Please feel free to contact us for a quote or advice and assistance on any computer related matter.   Copyright © 2000-2019 D.Kerr & Co
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